A Brief Introduction Of Jamia Siddiquia

Jamia Siddiauia is a famous & sacred institute of Dagarua Hat District Purnea Northeast Bihar. It is situated in the most populated locality nearby Purnea city. This entire locality is suffered with backward of education, religious misery, social contorting & insurgency. Foresight the issue, some sincere and sacred anxious scholars of locality had founded the Madrasa. Its founder was the esteemed & famous Alim Arifbillah hazrat Maulana Muhammad Idrees Sahib Mazahiri (R.A.). In spite of economical distraction, human success, orgasm of the situations, this institute had done the progress in the field of education & doctrine that will be seen pictures and observe in inscription.
Jamia had established under which objectives they are achieved by the grace of Allah. The achievements are able to jealous. At present there are resident about 364 poor and insolvent students, whose expenses of boarding, treatment, meal and others stationery expenses are travelled by Jamia. More than 200 resident children get basic spiritual education. In poor Muslim populated localities Jamia had consequent branches whose expenses also travelled by Jamia. An institute namely “Hostel Jamiatul Banat” was founded for the best future of the girls of nation. The girls are given training of sewing, knitting such domestic skills under management of ALFALAH TECHNICAL CENTRE. With grace of Allah now there is arrangement of computer education for the girls and they are benefitted with it.
The curriculum and education system of Jamia is standard in which with theology there is taught epochal literature like English, Hindi, science, geography and Math. So that the students may be the model and interfluence of “ jaded saleh aur qadeem nafe”. Hundreds of memorizers and alims are giving their spiritual & cognitive services in different countries after getting benefit from this. There is a big campaign to connect people with renaissance of spiritual wisdom and theology. It is the bearer of extraordinary progress with external constructional progress within some countable years. If there is relish of action, the luck is formed.