Jamia Siddiquia is famous, ideal, sacred and epochal institute of Dagarua Hat Purnea Northeast Bihar.you had just seen its determinations and activities only in pictures and read out in articles and documents. With no doubt, this esteemed institute has played a powerful role to build the nation and making standard of education and doctrine of new generation in short period. And, the heart placed worthy greatness, extraordinary and necessary bearer schemes for future are proposed. The systems & curriculum of Jamia is highly standard being affiliated with “Darul Uloom nadwatul ulama Lucknow”. And as demand of modern time, it is alsoharmonic. Hence, Jamia is not an ordinary Madrasa, but an ideal centre of spirit, doctrine, epochal skills and a centre for the longing to the preaches of Prophet (S.A.W.). It is a faithful duty of all associated with kalima to participate in constructional progress of such sacred institute. Therefore, all the spiritual and ideological persons of Islam are requested to support and jack its forwarding steps and cherish the institute by all your kindness so that the sun of Prophet’s sermons may spread its beam with more luminosity.

You Can Help Jamia In This Way !

» By doing prayer for Jamia’s progress and stabilization.
» By doing arrangement of a teacher’s monthly or annual salary.
» By issuing monthly contribution.
» By paying fee of dosage of necessitous students
» By travelling expense of memorizing course of any students.
» By providing the books and clothes for necessitous students.
» By paying the amount for oblation animal.
» By increasing the number of preacher and helpers of jamia.
» Participating in construction (at present the construction of library, Darul mutala and new rooms is going on).

How To Donate ?

People who wish to send their charity, Zakat Sadqat And Lillah etc in order to complete the projects of Jamia Siddiquia Dagarua Hat, Distt. Purnea either should give directly to the safir and take the receipt or should send by money order, draft, and check. Insha Allah Receipt will sent to them after receiving the amount.
Write on draft or check only this: Jamia Siddiquia Dagarua Hat

Bank Detail:

Account No. : 32563135258
Bank Name : State Bank Of India, Dagarua
IFSC Code : SBIN0012638