Jamiatul banat is highly standard girls religious education institute with hostel facility situated at Muhiuddin Nagar Dagarua Hat Northeast Bihar. It is execution connotation of dream and ancient keenness of administration of Jamia Siddiquia.
To prepare such sincere and well character women in society who can play the role of an aware daughter, faithful wife, and responsible mother is the aim of institute. This institute runs under management of Jamia Siddiquia. It has been leaving impressions upon the heart of everybody since its first day of establishment.
It is required to jack and support its forwarding steps so that it may lead to progress continue.

Jamiatul Banat At A Glance

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Arabic 3rd

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Aims & Objectives

» To adorn the girls of nation through high spiritual education by which she can understand the Qur`an herself and would benefitted with the treasure of knowledge at various issues of life.
» To nurture them in knowledge, intelligence & ideology of the right Islamic literature in pleasant & spiritual enlighten atmosphere of hostel. As a result, she can play a role of aware daughter, faithful and responsible mother in her society.
» To give them training of home science & housekeeping under guidance of trained madams.
» To shape the clean and requisite appellant character & behavior through regale doctrine.
» To nurture them with the treasure of epochal and general knowledge as required by which they can solve their domestic problems.

Future Plans Of Jamia

» admission of at least five hundred girls in hostel.
» The establishment of a grand library based on issues of women in Islamic literature.
» The arrangement of suitable transport for day scholar girls.
» Amplification in appanage of poor & charity students.
» amplification in technical centres.